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There are many, many recorded versions of the Rosary available to Catholic believers.  The very best I have had the honor to pray with is “The Holy Rosary”, produced by Bride of Heaven, Inc, in Maryland.  It includes the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous Mysteries, with prayers and music in the Byzantine Catholic Tradition.


“Wait a minute”, you may say, “I’m Roman Catholic – do Byzantine Catholics pray the rosary differently?  Why should I try this version?”

Let me assure you, no matter which rite of the Catholic Church is your home, you will love this recording!  In fact, as a Roman rite Catholic myself, I find this version highly spiritually fulfilling, and a more complete prayer experience than any other CD’s on the market.


The beautiful cover of the set features the well-recognized icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, designed by Bride of Heaven Icon Studio. This is a beloved icon of both lungs of the Church, beckoning you to come and pray.  Inside you will find four CD’s, one for each of the Mysteries. Just reach for one of the CD’s, and you are set for an hour of deep contemplation. The prayer experience is in English, but several well-loved sacred hymns of the Byzantine Church are sung in the traditional Ukrainian language.


Fr. Damian Anuszewski does a beautiful job narrating and reciting the rosary, including many extra prayers and scripture verses. He begins to draw you into each Mystery long before you even approach the main rosary. An ensemble of male voices,“Soli Deo”, provides perfectly intoned cantoring throughout the four mysteries, and a full choir, “Cantemas”, directed by Igor Demianets, rounds out each of the Mysteries with resonant grandeur. As only the Eastern Church can, chimes, bells and synthesizer are utilized to increase the awareness of the divine. All of these components are so perfectly executed, the result is a lavish presentation of the life of Christ seen through Mary’s heart. 


This Rosary can be described as vibrant, lush, transcendent, ethereal, and fully-realized. 

The spiritual effects of an hour meditating with these CD’s will highly reward you with the fulfillment of becoming one with Our Lord, Jesus Christ. 


 Lee Ann Slavik Erder, The Catholic Writer’s Guild


 “…… I just spent the evening listening to your Rosary CD’s.  They are beautifully done and capture the essence of Eastern spirituality.  I was utterly entranced by the music and recognized most of the songs.  What an amazing meditative work!”

                                                                             Kathy K.

“….. I was hooked by the third measure.  Powerful stuff!  This would be good for all healing centers.”

                                                                  John S.

 “….. Great…Beautifully done!!

                                                                  Sr. Emellia


“… . We have not yet listened to all the discs, but have listened to enough to tell you how much we enjoyed the liturgical music and the beauty of the program.  You should be complemented on completing this beautiful liturgical program.”

                                                           Mr. and Mrs. C.


“…… Thanks very much for sending me the CDs of the Holy Rosary.  They were beautifully done!”

                                                        Mary M.


“…., I bought a CD player, and just this morning I listened to the CD with tears in my eyes.  It touched me so deeply, the touching music and harmony, Rosary, choir singing, etc.  It brought back many memories of the spiritiual deepness of our Church.”

                                                      Mrs. S.


“……. Fantastic, these CDS just gave me such inner peace.  THANK YOU.”

                                                   Nancy H.