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The Rasing of Lazarus

The iconThe raising of Lazarus” is shows one of the miracles made by Jesus Christ which was recorded in the Gospel of St. John (11: 1-44). St. John places this event before Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Our Church remembers the raising of Lazarus from the grave on the day before Palm Sunday, and the Kontakion of the Feast relates these two events.

Christ, the Joy of all, the Truth, the Light of Life, and The Resurrection of the World, appeared to those on earth; and by His goodness became also the Image of Resurrection, granting divine forgiveness to all. All the details of the Gospel account of the Raising of Lazarus are included in the icon. These details are graphic and direct. Christ is in the foreground with Mary and Martha, Lazarus' sisters at His feet. One of the bystanders executes Jesus' command, "Take away the stone." Lazarus, the recipient of Christ's saving power, emerges when Jesus cries out, "Lazarus, come out." Still bound in the clothes of burial, Lazarus appears in the presence of all.

As you can see on the icon the numerous onlookers represent the crowd of people who gather at this incident. The mountains and cave indicate its setting in a cemetery Just outside Bethany, the walls of which are barely seen in the background. The icon gives us a glimpse of the symbolic value and deeper meaning of the event. This last and greatest of Jesus' signs is presented to the world so that the will of God may be made known through His life-giving power.


TROPARION which using when prying to God with icon “The raising of Lazarus”:

O Christ God, You confirmed the resurrection of all before the time of Your passion by raising Lazarus from the dead. Therefore, we as the children of Israel carry the symbols of victory and cry out to You, the Conqueror of Death, "Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord."