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Saint Michael the Archangel

Through Jesus Christ we have received a new relationship to the living God.

In the fullness of revelation we approach God as His children. Still we remain part of the fullness of all God's creation. We have a relationship to the angelic powers and look to them as God's messengers and servants. The Angels are known to us through the ministry which they exercise, appearing to us as "ministering spirits, sent to serve those who are to inherit salvation" (Heb. 1: 14) Foremost among the heavenly powers is the Archangel Michael. The name "Michael" means "who is like God."

The Icon of Archangel Michael contains the major elements of icons of all Angels. As a minister he wears a deacon's sticharion while, as a warrior Angel, he dons a cloak. The rod in his right hand is both his weapon and sign of his leader ship. The Archangel is represented as standing with his two powerful wings majestically positioned.

In our celebration of the Feast of Archangel Michael we sing the following during Vespers:

O Michael, Leader of Hosts, who beholds things indescribable, since you are ranked with great privilege above the heavenly ones, and stand in glory before the unapproachable throne, we beseech you to save by your prayers, us who endure the hardships of tribulations and temp tations.

TROPARION — O Leaders of the heavenly armies, although we are always unworthy, we beseech you that with your prayers you may encircle us with the protection of the wings of your angelic glory. Watch over us as we bow low and earnestly cry out to you: "Deliver us from trouble, O Princes of the heavenly armies.