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Icons in our Homes


In our homes we honor those we love. We place their pictures in a prominent place for all to see. We remember them and how much they are part of our lives. Their pictures are constant reminders to us and to all who come into our homes. As our homes are the center of our lives, they are a reflection of all we live and believe. Among Eastern Christians it is customary for every Family to place an icon in a prominent place in the home.

This becomes the place of family prayer. As they gather before God’s presence, the family grows in faith and understanding of God’s love in their lives. To foster continuing respect and reverence for God’s presence through the icon, we can make an Icon Corner.

We may want to have an Icon Corner in each person’s room. Together with the icon, we include the Bible and a burning candle. The Icon Corner becomes an expression of our faith, and a center for our prayer and devotion. It’s present for us to spend quite moments meditating and praying to Christ our God.