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Welcome to Bride of Heaven Icon Studio

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About us

 Welcome to Bride of Heaven Icon Studio,

.......where sacred images written in the ancient egg tempera Byzantine style. We understand to be writing “sacred images” and, by doing so, to be blessed by that work as well. In addition to writing icons, we offer to individual customers, churches, religious orders and all of the Christians –something unique, something no other company might be able to do or offer and we consider our products and services to be helpful on the market.Bride of Heaven Icon Studio is here to help you achieve your goal-when it comes to custom sacred art, spiritual gifts, church goods and many other things.


 We offer:


  • Authentic Sacred Art written according to our customer specification ;
  • Reproduction of Sacred Art or any art of your choice;
  • Sacred Art in Amber Stone;
  • Full size/Church size Religious Icons;
  • Stained glass sacred art in any size & shape;
  • Custom wood carving frames for your sacred art;
  • Design of Iconostasis /Iconostas for your church;
  • Custom made church furniture;
  • Printed Icons;
  • Any many other things related to sacred art and church necessities.


The Icons/Art produced in our studio can be seen in cathedrals, churches, embassies, art galleries, exhibitions, juried shows and private collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.Our customers appreciate that they have ordered something very special-a unique work of great value and the finest quality. Many of our orders come from religious organizations and individuals who seek to use icons devotionally or give them as a gift or special occasions or memorial dedications. The most frequent requests are for icons/art in custom size as large as 8 feet by 4 feet. The other requests are for icons/art of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and our antique sacred art on canvas.

Our Philosophy:

We live by the Golden Rule and believe that no sale is so valuable that we would compromise this way of life. Simply stated, your needs are more important than our gains. Our success is measured in customer satisfaction.

Our Mission:

To provide an opportunity for everyone to purchase and learn more about Christian Art and Icons and by doing that- support Charity projects throughout the world.

Our Charity work:

We do charity work throughout the United States and Europe. We try to help in any way we possibly can by giving financial support to monasteries, churches, to the poor-“Caritas” and retired priests around the world especially in Eastern Europe. We donate our artwork and music CD’s as well. Our recent donation of artwork (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) to: Knights of Columbus museum and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. We gave out hundreds of our Rosary CD’S. We often send offerings of “Divine Liturgy intentions” to help support retired catholic priest. By selling more of our artwork and music CD’s to customers like you, we can help more those who are in need. We intend to dedicate a special page of Charity projects we are supporting. If you like what we do and you as an individual or religious organization would like to help, please let us know. We always welcome your feedback, new charity projects.  There is nothing greater than giving and helping others. “What goes around-comes around”.


We also members of:Catholic Marketing Network and Knights of Columbus.


Please know that you are invited to call or write to our studio anytime to discuss an icon you would like.


 God Bless You,